2004 Merit Award Winners


Biology and Microbiology

Paul Annabell & Shan Leonard
Melbourne Grammar School VIC
Effects of Nervousness and Distraction

Alexandra Auhl
Telopea Park School ACT
Terminating Termites

Christopher Bentley
All Saints Anglican School Qld
Smoked Water Pre-Treatment of a Queensland Native Seed

Fiorella Esquivel
Lyneham High School ACT
Human Chromatic Response to coloured Illuminants

Michael Griffith
Taree High School NSW
Effects of heat and smoke on the germination of Australian plants in fire-prone habitats

Marty Hemphill
Grafton High School NSW
Fermenting Juices

Valerie Hiew & Rachel Ow
Willetton SHSWA
Size of Birds and the Frequencies of their Calls

Sashie Howpage
Baulkham Hills High School NSW
A study of honey bee colony productivity from late summer to mid winter undersuburban backyard conditions

Ryan Kennedy
Cranbrook School NSW
Antibacterial Cleaners

Johllin Lemmersdorf
Keebre Park SHS Qld
Depression - Why does it happen?

Kaitlyn Lilly & Belinda Russell
Willetton SHS WA
To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

Katherine Mansted
Somerset College Qld
The Einstein Factor

Catherine Naidoo
Bishop Druitt College NSW
Mouth barriers and prevention of infectious germ transmission

Kaitlyn Preece
Lyneham High School ACT
The potential public health risk from intestinal parasite eggs in dog and fox faeces in the Canberra region

Stephanie Raad
St Josephs High School NSW
Does male and female perception differ?

Gayathri Shivasabesan
Telopea Park School ACT
Swimming with Bacteria

Wesley Tan
Redeemer Baptist School NSW
A dossier on the covert operations of halitosisman

John Townsend
Narrabri High NSW
Natural Food Deterrents for Australian Plague Locusts (Chortoicetes Terminifera)

Sophia Tran
St Ignatius' College SA
Understanding our stools

Vino Vivek
Kirwan State School Qld
Ets1 Allele Contribution to the F1 mice from the NOD/Lt mice and C57BL/6 mice

Millie Weber
Lyneham High School ACT
The effect of aging on the ignition speed of eucalypt leaves and pine needles

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Katherine Aguilera Soto
South Sydney High School NSW
Are marketing drink products telling the truth?

Andrea Barber & Sarah Keenan & Amelia Simpson
Loreto College SA
Carpet Stain Removers

Jane Camilleri
Woolooware High School NSW
Concentration of Calcium Ions in Milk

Megan Cater
Somerset College Qld
Percentage of Nitrogen in a Fertiliser

Sam Perry & Jamie Clarke
Willetton SHS WA
Sensitive Woods

Natasha Cox & Lauren Duif & Jayne West
Loreto College SA
PJs are they the silent killer?

Mark Do
South Sydney High School NSW
Are marketing drink products telling the truth?

Crystal Dunsford & Gianina Gregory & April Lotay
Willetton SHS WA

Peter Farmakis
St Aloysius College NSW
The use of fruit batteries

Narelle Forrest
St Paul's College Vic
Do Chemicals Really Work?

Tharsiga Gnanasekaran
Lyneham High School ACT
Which cola drink is best for you?

Oliver Gregory
Edge Hill State School Qld
An investigation into the factors that effect the rate of chemical reactions - rusting nails and catalase action in plants

Erisa Harada
Lyneham High School ACT
Starchiness and Stickiness of different types of rice

Rebecca Jiang
Lyneham High School ACT
From looking delicious... to looking disgusting

Rebecca Munoz & Andrew Pastuszek
Somerset College Qld
Percentage of Nitrogen in a Fertiliser

Brianna Swain
Galston High School NSW
Eucalyptus Oil in Gum Leaves

Melissa Townsend
St Josephs High School NSW
Soap pH - Which Best Suits My Skin - How Basic or Acidic

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Physics, Engineering & Technology

David Anjou
Camberwell Grammar School
How weight, point of release and force affects a fishing cast!

John Aslanides & Rafael Jerjen
Telopea Park School
Electricity from the air

Caleb Ball
Lyneham High School
What not to wear - if you want air. Breathing through the bushfire

Ryan Bose
Keebre Park SHS
The Use of Solar Stirling Engines in Power Production

Kim Duong
Lyneham High School
Sound proofing - which materials work better?

Broderich Dureau & Sheigh Longstaff
Willetton SHS
The Back Beeper 04

Ben Holland
Willetton SHS
Helicopter Blades - Surface Area vs Lift

Courtnee Johnson & Jessica Lim & David Rose
Willetton SHS
Influencing the Structural Integrity of Cement

Dayffyd Klippel-Cooper
Glenunga International High
Stealing Joules

Kelvin Kuang
Camberwell Grammar School
The Photoelectric Effect: the relationship between coloured light and energy

Cassie Lim
Willetton SHS
Does Size Really Matter? - An analysis of the velocities of different sized table tennis balls

Ben Murphy
Camberwell Grammar School
Flight and the properties of lift

Albert Nordholm & Gregory Tan
Willetton SHS
IFNWCD - Inside Fly Net Window Cleaning Device

Rowan Romeyn
Lyneham High School
The waterpolo shot

Damien Rua
Kelvin Grove State College
Electromagnetic Accelerator

Martin Schutte
Telopea Park School
What effect do orthotics have on the body?

Claire Steiner & Stephanie Yoong
Willetton SHS
Tucker Time - No Ants Allowed

Henry Tommy
Galston High School
Stubby Coolers

Elliott Wise
Lyneham High School
Hyperbaric Plant Growth

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Environmental and Earth Science

Saad Ahmad & Boon-Hing Teo
Willetton SHS WA

Natasha Bosanac
Somerset College Qld
The effect of rainfall on Mudgeeraba Creek

Rachel Browning & Jessica Mincham
Deadly Sprays!

Damien Carroll
Lyneham High School ACT
What's in our water?

Adam Cross
Shenton College WA
Marri Tree Regrowth Project

Lachlan Dickinson
Lyneham High School ACT
Is the Saffron Thistle reduction program in place on Mount Painter effective?

Lily Dixon
Lyneham High School ACT
Branded Foods - Is Expensive Always Tastier?

Cleo Drygan & Maisie Glen & Clare McSevich
Western Australia Albany Senior High School WA
The effects of algal mat movement on seagrass health in Princess Royal Harbour

William Griffith
Lyneham High School ACT
The Gungahlin Drive Extension: Potential Noise Effects

James Klippel-Cooper & Tiffanway Klippel-Cooper & Dayffyd Klippel-Cooper
Glenunga International High SA
An environmentally friendly water filtration system

Karunakar Krishnan & Ryan Veart
Willetton SHS WA
Low Tech Water Heating System

Aidan Lloyd
Telopea Park School ACT
Cleaning Tannin Stains. Cleaners? Do they really clean?

Elspeth Marley
Telopea Park School ACT
Scrambled Hair

Richard Thorek
Lyneham High School NSW
Fuel Loadings

Sylvia Tong
Cheltenham Girls High NSW
Major Science Project

Jennifer Urwin
Roseville College NSW
Reducing Turbidity in Rural Australia

Siobhan Wills
Perth College WA
Comparative study of Perth's water supplies in relation to socio-economics