Ranadi Vincent


The acclaim associated with being a finalist, I believe, has contributed to my acceptance into the university degree program of my first choice.

Ranadi was a finalist in the investigations category of the 2014 awards for her work on the effects of supplying nitrogen to hydroponically-grown soybeans.

Her research suggested that nitrogen supplements may not be as significant to crop growth as previously thought.

Being a finalist in the BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards has given Ranadi a lifelong excitement about research and, in particular, advances in medical technology.

Ranadi is currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith University and will commence her first year of a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2016. When she graduates, her career aspirations are to work as a humanitarian aid medical doctor, providing life-saving medical treatment to underprivileged, impoverished communities across the globe.

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