Angela Liao


As a finalist, you are granted the opportunity to partake in many enlightening and valuable experiences and meet a group of like minded students. Participating in the awards played a vital part in my study choices and has encouraged me to pursue a career in science.

Angela was a finalist investigations category of the 2014 awards for her project on the effect that different flavours of chewing gum have on stimulating saliva and contributing to good oral health.

The BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards camp was a particular highlight of Angela's experience.

Angela is now in Year 11 at Radford College in Canberra where she is studying biology, chemistry, physics, specialist maths and literature. She is also studying a secondary college extension course in chemistry at the Australian National University.

Angela is looking towards a career in heath sciences such as medicine or dentistry which is in line with the topics she investigated in her entry for the awards.

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